March 30, 2018 | Tim Burroughs
I hear that question almost daily.  Here's the response I usually give.

If your circumstances have changed and you need more house, or more garage space or more land than what you have then selling and buying a larger home may make sense.

If your circumstances have changed and you need a smaller house or less space to store things or a smaller yard to care for then it might make good sense to list and sell your house and buy a smaller one.

If you have an opportunity for a job promotion that takes you away from the Treasure Valley, then you need to decide if you are ever coming back here and if you need the equity from this house to purchase another in the next place you live, then listing and selling your house would make sense.  If you don't need the equity, maybe you would keep the house as a rental and be paying off two mortgages and having more equity over time.

No matter what the reason, call Tim Burroughs at eXp Realty, LLC for good information to make a decision.  He can be reached at 208-409-7653 or email at


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