March 30, 2018 | Tim Burroughs
In the Boise Metro area of Idaho, we had lots of people who lost their homes and investment properties during the economic downturn we had from 2007 to 2012.  Some lost them due to short sales, others due to foreclosure and some due to bankruptcy.

Good news!  Unemployment is low!  Interest rates are still low!  Housing is available for purchase!  Enough time has passed that actions that were taken five to ten years ago may now not show up as negatives on your credit history.
If you have a stable job and you have maintained some credit in good standing, you very well may be able to purchase a home that is for sale.

The first step, contact me for a referral to a good full-time loan officer who has experience in helping people get back on their horse and ride.

The second step is once you have a loan approval letter (not a pre-qualification letter) then we need to know what you would like to own and where you want to live.

The third step is I will research and send you all the listings that meet your criteria.  I will have already removed homes that back to busy streets or ones in neighborhoods that are known for having water issues.  If I have seen the house before and it has a dysfunctional floor plan I may remove that one from the list as well.

The fourth step is to schedule a time to drive by all the houses to see if you like where they are located.

The fifth step is to schedule a time to meet and go and view the ones that passed the test in the fourth step.  When we go in person, I'll set the route to make sure we go in an orderly route and then I'll provide a printed document with each listing and a place to take notes.

The sixth step would be once we find the house you like, is to take a list of its current condition and upgrades and then go and compare it to other homes like it that have sold recently so I can use the skills learned as a former real estate appraiser and determine if the house is priced well.

The seventh step is to make an offer.

Once it is accepted, then we will do a home inspection and if any items need to be repaired we will discuss which are most appropriate to ask the seller to repair.  Once that is agreed to, then we will have the appraisal done.
More to this part to follow.

Call me if you have any questions at 208-409-7653.  Tim Burroughs, eXp Realty, LLC


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